The Blackbird is a common sight in Ireland's gardens and woodlands, known for its distinctive black plumage and melodious song. With its omnivorous diet, the Blackbird is able to thrive in a variety of habitats throughout the country.


The blackbird (Turdus merula) is a common bird in Ireland and is easily identifiable due to its distinctive black feathers and bright yellow/orange beak. The male blackbird has a glossy black plumage, while the female has a brownish color with dark streaks on the breast.

What they eat:

Blackbirds are omnivorous birds and feed on a wide variety of food including worms, insects, snails, and berries.


Blackbirds can be found in a range of habitats such as gardens, woodlands, parks, and hedgerows.

Size and WingSpan:

Blackbirds are approximately 23–29 cm in length with a wingspan range of 33-34 cm.

Male and female difference:

The male blackbird is distinctive due to its glossy black feathers and bright yellow/orange beak. The female, on the other hand, has brownish feathers with dark streaks on the breast.

Where to find:

Blackbirds can be found in almost every part of Ireland.

What months can be found in Ireland:

Blackbirds can be found in Ireland throughout the year.

Interesting note:

Blackbirds are known for their melodious singing and are a common feature in Irish folklore, where they are often associated with good luck and good fortune. They are also known to be very territorial birds and will fiercely defend their feeding and nesting areas.

Audio sound file by Dean McDonnell and used under the Creative Commons license.

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